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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New eyelash gadget


I just had to do a quick post to tell you about my nifty new eyelash gadget. It's an accent eyelash curler which is basically a tiny version of a regular eyelash curler which makes it much easier to curl individual lashes

I have a real problem curling the lashes in the outer corners of my eyes with a regular curler and no matter what I do I can never get the ones at the edges which is super annoying! I had to get one of these as soon as I heard about it and it's amazing!

You could use it to curl all of your lashes by going along and doing a few lashes at a time but I'm planning on using my regular lash curler first and then just using this to get the ones in the inner and outer corners. It works really well and you can get to every lash making sure you don't miss any. These came from Hong Kong and the description on the packaging cracked me up! He he

I got these from ebay for £6.67 including postage. Just search for accent eyelash curler to find them.

Happy eyelash curling!

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