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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Review of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

I'm a bit late to the party especially being a huge Harry Potter fan but I finally got around to visiting the making of Harry Potter studio tour. It was so amazing to see the real props and sets used in the Harry Potter movies and it really opens your eyes to the amount of work that went into making each film. As well as seeing the great hall and other sets from the movies you get to see costumes, props and interesting facts about the making of the movies. They often have special events and tour guides giving talks on various subjects and you can even try butterbeer and ride a broomstick! If you prefer a more structured tour there is also an option to use a digital guide as you walk around. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you so spoiler alert if you haven't been yet!

The Great Hall


More Great Hall

We visited during wand week and got to see the actual elder wand used in the movie :)

The Elder wand

Outfits from the Goblet of fire
Poor Ron's hideous dress robes from The Goblet of fire
Griffindor Boy's dormitory
Griffindor common room
Potions Classroom
Sets from the ministry of magic
Privet Drive
Mandrake selfie :)
Diagon Alley

We had an amazing day and I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're a fan of the books and/or movies. The gift shop is AMAZING and has just about everything any Harry Potter fan could ever want so bring the credit card or rush through the gift shop at the end with your eyes closed! The tour is based in Watford near London and costs £39 for adults and £31 for children aged 4 and over. There are also family ticket options available. The tour is well worth the money whether you have a passing interest in the book or movies, are a dedicated Harry Potter fan or even if you're just interested in film making and the work that goes into the production. You can purchase tickets here.

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