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Monday, 26 May 2014

Some love for lily white legs this summer - Sally Hansen airbrush legs

Are your legs so white that you feel like they sometimes look blue? Yup, mine too!

It doesn't really bother me in the winter but when bare leg season comes around it fills me with dread! Regular fake tan also fills me with dread! I really don't tan well and I'm not a fan of lying in the sun and definitely don't like to use sunbeds.

People always tell me to use a good, natural fake tan or get a spray tan but those of you with super pale skin will know that fake tan, even the lighter shades always look to dark or orangey and if you miss a bit or it starts to fade it looks super obvious with your white skin beaming through!

After all this time I have actually found something to take the edge of the whiteness. It's
not fake tan but it makes your legs look smoother, more even and gives them a bit of a glow. Basically it makes it bearable to have bare legs! Sally Hansen airbrush legs is described as smooth-on perfect legs in an instant and that's exactly what it is

I purchased it in the shade light - it also comes in medium and a darker shade. It's water and transfer resistant and you need to allow a little time for it to set before getting dressed. It doesn't take long though. I apply it with a fake tan mitt to avoid getting it all over my hands and so it goes on evenly. You can then remove it easily with soapy water or in the shower so it's a great, easily removed solution for us pale girlies. I tend to get super dry legs so I use some vaseline spray and go moisturiser first, wait a few minutes and then apply this which works really well. I haven't tried it elsewhere on my body but I think it would be good on my arms too so I'll be giving that a try.

You can check it out here which I usually find is the best price but if your legs are anything like mine then it's money well spent!

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