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Friday, 28 February 2014

6 products I can't live without

When I tried to decide which 6 products I can't live without I had to really think hard about what to include as there's loads of things I love but I wanted this post to be about products that I buy over and over and that really work for me.

1) First up is
Aussie miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner spray. Having really long, fine hair also means really tangled hair! I spray this on after I've towel dried it and it actually makes it possible to brush through which really is a miracle! I genuinely feel like it would take me hours to brush my hair without this product and it smells amazing as an added bonus! I get this from Superdrug and it's £4.49.

2) No7 beautiful skin eye makeup remover. I've tried so many makeup removers and this is the only one that gets everything off easily including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The best thing is how easily it takes it off without me having to rub my eyes too much. I actually panic when I start to run low on this so I always like to have a spare one waiting to go. This is £8.50 in Boots but they very often give £5 off No7 skincare vouchers when you buy something else so I always pay for my other stuff first and if I get a voucher I always go and grab one for £3.50 on the way out which is a total bargain! They do this offer all the time so I very rarely pay full price for it.

3) Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. This also comes in a lotion for normal to dry skin but the gel version is meant for oily skin which I definitely have! I've tried so many moisturisers that break me out or feel too heavy but this is amazing and I can't imagine using anything else now. It's a very light formula and makes my skin feel amazing ready to apply makeup. It's £29.50 for 125ml or £17 for a 50ml tube from Boots. I usually try and stock up as much as I can when I go to the States as it's way cheaper over there for some reason.

4) Chanel natural finish loose powder in shade 20 Clair. I bought this for my wedding and it's already one of my can't live without products! It's one of the priciest makeup products I use at £36 but it gives an amazing finish over any foundation and it really photographs well which is what originally made me choose it for my wedding makeup. It's a very fine powder so it can be a little messy to use and I use it with a big powder brush rather than the puff that comes with it. The thing that makes it a must have for me is that it really keeps shine at bay compared to other powders I've used. You don't need much so it lasts ages too.

5) Estee Lauder double wear foundation. This is without a doubt the queen of all foundations! The coverage is incredible so it's great if you have acne or redness or if you just like full coverage like me and it's amazing for oily skin. Also the staying power is second to none. I can look at my face after having this on for 15 hours and it still looks freshly applied! The combination of this with the chanel powder over the top gives the ultimate flawless finish. It is pricey at £28.50 but worth every penny. I'm using shade 'sand' at the moment and I usually buy it from Debenhams.

6) Clinique super fine liner for brows. I've tried lots of different eyebrow pencils and this one trumps the rest due to its teeny tiny tip. It gives excellent precision which is important for brows so they don't end up looking too heavy. It glides on easily and it's an excellent shade for my dark brows. I use shade black/brown and it's £13 from Boots or Debenhams. The one thing that annoys me is that you don't know when you've nearly run out. You twist it up from the bottom but you can't twist it back down so you can't have a look how much is left. I still love it though!

What are your six can't live without products? Let me know in the comments below.

Bye for now

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