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Monday, 3 March 2014

Professional Beauty show 2014 at ExCel London

I went to the professional beauty show in London on Sunday which was great but super busy!! I was mainly there to pick up some new makeup and hair stuff as lots of the companies who were exhibiting supply salon equipment and spa treatments etc so I knew I would bypass quite a bit of it. To be honest I knew NYX would be selling their products there at a discount so that was my main mission! We got there about an hour after it opened (I dragged my poor hubby along with me) and we had to pick up our entry badges first

 Once we were in I should have
looked at the floor plan first but in true Queen Vic style I just set off at full speed! It was crazy busy and as the stands are pretty close together you have to  be ready to do battle to get through! Soon enough I came across the Helen E cosmetics stand and they had an awesome offer of four products for £10! I didn't know much about this brand until recently as they don't seem to sell their products in many high street shops (although their website says you can buy the products in selected Debenhams stores) the four products I got are around £8 each on their website ( ) so it was a great saving of saving of over £20!

 I got 2 lip crayons, a yellow under eye pencil and an eyeshadow in shade bronze.

 It was a nightmare trying to look at the products as people were pushing and shoving so I just grabbed a few things that looked good. It would have been good to get a better look but it wasn't gonna happen! We carried on, keeping an eye out for the NYX stand but it was nowhere to be seen. There were several big names there like Clarins, OPI and fake bake

We decided to have a look on the floor plan to find NYX and it turns out they were right at the back of the hall so off we went again. We finally found it and it was an absolute mob scene!

There was a massive queue to pay and people were pushing and shoving to get to the products. It was difficult to even get a look in! I would have walked away but I was determined so I just waded in and did my best! There were a few things I definitely wanted so I tried to spot them and grab them by any means possible. The worst part was the lip product section where people seemed to be swatching every shade available. I ended up with the main things I wanted and when I headed to the line to pay I found a pallet at a really good price so I grabbed that too. This is what I ended up with

Dewy finish setting spray - £6
Haute Jersey leopard couture pallet - £7
Butter gloss in cherry pie - £4
Butter gloss in strawberry parfait - £4
Eyebrow cake powder in black/grey - £4

Everything was discounted for the show, I think it was 10% off so you can see that the prices are cheap anyway and some people were going nuts and buying pretty much every item available! If you're not familiar with NYX you can check them out here -

Hubby was on the verge of a nervous breakdown by this point due to all the crazy female beauty bargain shoppers and I'd seen everything I wanted to so we made a quick exit before any fighting and hair pulling broke out over the NYX products!

I'll do reviews of all of the products I got so keep an eye out for upcoming posts :)

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