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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Zoeva makeup tote Zoe bag - review

I've been looking for the perfect travel makeup bag for years. I usually have one bag for makeup, one for toiletries and another for brushes. I've found a few that have come close to being right and that work for a weekend trip but I have never found anything that fits everything in that I need for a two week vacation.

Then I discovered the makeup tote Zoe bag from Zoeva and my search is finally over. This is the best travel makeup bag I have ever seen! Can you tell that I love it just a little bit :)

One of the main things I look for is something that will fit well in a suitcase. Basically something that lays flat and doesn't take up too much room. This fits the bill perfectly and also has a handle so it can be carried if you're using it for a weekend away.

There are three different zip up sections and the bag expands to accomodate everything inside which is great as it saves the problem of putting strain on the zips if you have things like bulky shampoo bottles inside. The bag, zips and handles feel very sturdy and high quality

The first section of the bag is great for putting larger bottles such as shampoo, shower gel and hairspray. The three pockets are made from a tough plastic so you can see exactly what's in there and you can wipe it clean. There are also two mesh zip pockets which are good for putting medications or smaller items so you can see what you have in there without having to get everything out

The middle section is the main reason I love this bag. It has plenty of room for all your brushes with elastic loops like a proper brush roll to stop them from moving around and getting ruined. Also the whole section has plastic, wipe clean backing so if you put brushes in that have been used with foundation etc it won't make the bag all dirty and makeup stained. It has three larger elastic sections on the other side which can be used for more brushes or would be good to put palettes or larger bottles in

The final section is where I store the majority of my makeup. There are three pockets which have a popper to keep them closed. Again, these are plastic so easy to clean and to see what you have in there. You can get quite a lot in each pocket so there's plenty of room

There are also more elastic loops and smaller sections to hold pencils and these are big enough to fit larger chunky pencils too

This is an absolute must for travel if you have a lot of products but don't need something as large as some of the pro makeup artist cases. If like me you prefer everything in one place this is perfect with the section for brushes and larger bottles of shampoo etc.

You can purchase this from the Zoeva website here for £38 and they ship Worldwide!*

Have you tried any Zoeva products? Let me know in the comments below

*Worldwide shipping doesn't always cover every country so check the shipping section of the Zoeva website.

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