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Thursday, 5 June 2014

My favourite hair care and styling products

I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to hair products and I have a pretty massive collection of half used lotions and potions but there are a few that I repurchase over and over. I have very long hair so looking after it can feel like hard work at times. My hair is very flat with no volume or body at all but on the plus side that does mean no frizz issues. It does mean I have to use heat to get some volume into it though. Here's a pic to show you how long it is

So here are my
favourite products for keeping my long locks in good condition and under control.

Redken extreme anti snap

This was recommended to me by a friend and after a couple of tries I was hooked! I divide my towel dried hair into two sections and use one pump of product on each side. I avoid the roots and apply it on the top layer of hair and work it into the ends really well. It really makes a difference to split ends and helps stop breakage. I got my current bottle at Christmas and I still have about half left. This is £12.98 from

Aussie miracle hair insurance conditioning spray

I use a quick mist of this after applying my anti snap to help detangle my hair and it does make it much easier to brush through. It smells amazing too! This is £4.49 here

Tangle teezer aqua splash

This is the only hairbrush I ever use now as all the others I've ever tried caused a lot of breakage. This one is designed to use on wet hair but can also be used when hair is dry. I honestly don't know how I used to get by without this, I love it!! It's £13.99 from Boots

Tresemme tres two hairspray

This is my absolute favourite hairspray but unfortunately it's not available to buy in the UK :( We do have a similar one here but it's no where near as good. I always stock up on this when I go to America so If you're ever visiting there then you should definitely grab some. It's the best hairspray ever for holding curls and volume without being heavy or sticky. I find a lot of the hairsprays I try here in the UK either dry rock solid or they are so light that it seems like there's nothing there and you're just spraying fresh air out of the can!

Loreal volume supersizing spray

This is great if you struggle with just washed hair that refuses to be styled. It gives your hair some grip and makes it much easier to backcomb and get some some volume into it. This is £3.79 from superdrug.

Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo

I've tried most of the batiste dry shampoos and several other brands and this is definitely my favourite. It works best if I spray a load of it on before bed and brush it through in the morning and it really does give my hair extra volume and makes it a bit easier to style.

So those are my current hair must haves. I didn't include any shampoo or conditioners as I haven't found anything I really like for ages. I'd love some recommendations if you know of any good ones. Let me know in the comments below.

Talk to you all soon x

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