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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Elf Haul

I received an email from elf a few days ago which said over 100 items were back in stock. I've been waiting for one product in particular which has been out of stock for months now so I quickly headed over to the website and was thrilled to see it was back and there was a 50% off sale! With the 50% off it would have been rude not to get a few bits so here's what I got :)

elf daily moisture stick

This is the product
I'd been waiting ages for. I'm planning on using it to dab on any dry patches on my face throughout the day especially under my eyes. I'm thinking this will be great on a long haul flight too.

Elf studio blush in Candid Coral

I love the elf studio blushes so I always try and pick one up when they have a sale. They're really pigmented and not powdery at all. Some of the shades are a bit sparkly for me but this one just has a slight shimmer. I'm looking forward to trying this shade over the summer when I have a bit more colour.

Small stipple brush

I've heard that this brush is amazing for applying cream blushes, highlighters and bronzers which I don't currently have a brush for so I'm excited to try this. Elf studio brushes are my favourite budget brush range. They're really great quality and really affordable too.

Lip primer and plumper

I'd never noticed this product on the site before and it sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a go. I normally only go for things that I really want but when there's a sale I like to try a few different things. I'm always a bit scared of lip plumping products in case they sting so I'll let you know how this works out. I'm more interested in the primer side to be honest which claims to create a base for your lipstick to make it last all day.

Cover everything concealer

They only do this concealer in three shades and I wanted the corrective yellow which was out of stock so I went for the light shade. I'm worried it might be a bit dark for me but it might be ok in the Summer if I've got a bit more colour. It looks a little darker in this picture than it really is.

Makeup remover pen

I've been having trouble lately with eyeliner and mascara smudging under my eyes so I thought this would be good for on the go fixes or to correct my eyeliner wing when I get it wrong which is pretty often!

So that's my little elf haul. The whole lot cost just over £16 including the postage with the 50% off which is amazing!! You can check out Elf's full range here. Let me know what your favourite elf products are in the comments below.

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