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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Erin Condren life planner - basic weekly setup with stickers

Hey everyone,

I've had my Erin Condren life planner for around a month now and I'm hooked! I didn't even know they existed until a friend told me she had one and once I'd visited the Erin Condren website and read some blogs about them I knew I had to have one. They have a great range of designs available which you can personalize in lots of different ways. I went for this one as it reminded me of my wedding colors :)

I'm going to get the topic of cost out of the way
. This isn't a cheap option for a diary/planner. At $50 it's the most expensive planner I have ever bought and there's no doubt that there are cheaper planners out there that will do the job. Having said that this is the only planner I've ever had which has made me want to utilize all the features and in my opinion it was worth every penny. Living in the UK the other downside is the postage cost. The company is based in the US and although they have recently lowered the cost of international shipping it still costs $19.95 to get the planner shipped to you which bumps the cost up considerably. I cheated and had mine shipped to the resort I was staying at on my recent vacation to Orlando so I only paid the US shipping cost of $7.95. I also used someones referral code which gets you $10 off your first purchase which lowered the cost. My referral link is here. This will get you $10 off your first purchase. The postage cost is the same if you buy two planners so if you and a friend or family member both get one you can split the cost of shipping at $10 each which is much more reasonable.

As well as ordering the planner I ordered lots of stickers from various etsy shops and as I was getting them shipped to the US it saved on expensive postage there too. I will point out though that one of my favourite sticker shops ohhellostationary has very reasonable postage costs to the UK so I highly reccomend checking them out especially if you live in the UK.

Here are some pics of the pages with nothing added to show the planner as it comes

I don't always stick to the 'morning' 'day' and 'night' sections but for the most part I do. I went through the planner and placed all my weekend stickers for most of the year. I'm heading out to the states again in September so I plan to order more and ship them to my resort again :) I got these from KGPlanner you can find them here

I also went through the planner and set out the stickers to track my weight. I do this every Monday morning and used the blank stickers which are included in the back of the planner and a weighing scale sticker which I got from OhHelloStationaryCo

I usually set out some basic decoration before I write anything in for the week using some washi tape. Some of these came from Walmart and some from Target. I haven't discovered anywhere to get washi tape in the UK yet as I bought plenty when I was in the states

I also set out one or two 'to do' sections for the week. The red 'to do' stickers are from helloashleyann on etsy and the lined boxes are from OhHelloStationaryCo

I'm starting to find uses for the monthly layout but I always keep track of what we spend on groceries and fuel for the month using these stickers from PinkGlitteredCoffee on etsy

I buy quite a lot of coffee at work which is a habit I'm trying to break so I use one of these cute coffee cup stickers from OhHelloStationaryCo at the end of each week to keep track of how much I spent (I'm hoping this will shock me into spending less on coffee!)

These are the stickers I use to plan my blog posts and you tube videos. These are also from OhHelloStationaryCo

I also picked up lots of sticko stickers, some from Walmart and some from Ebay. I'm planning another blog post to show you all my stickers but here are some cute monkey ones I got as we're planning a trip to Monkey World soon :)

I keep most of my everyday stickers in the plastic wallet at the back of the planner and store the others in a folder

I hope this post was useful to anyone getting started with an Erin Condren life Planner. Some of the layouts and decoration I've seen are so impressive but I wanted to show you my progress as a beginner as it can be quite overwhelming at first and you feel like you have to get every sticker and accessory out there! I use the papermate flair pens which I got from Target and I'd recommend getting some wite-out too in case you need to change anything you've written. I really hate crossing things out in my planner. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or any requests for blog posts or you tube videos to do with the Erin Condren Planner. To get $10 off your first purchase from erin condren click here and create your account and they will email you a code for $10 off.

Happy planning :)

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