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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Travalo perfume atomiser

Yes, this is another post about travel friendly beauty items. I seriously have an obsession with anything beauty related that is sized for travel or is somehow more compact to save space.

My latest find is the Travalo perfume atomiser

I've had several different perfume atomisers in the past but they always seem to break or leak everywhere. I definitely wanted to find a replacement as perfume bottles are one of the worst items to take with you when you're traveling due to the space they take up and the possibility of it breaking or leaking. The main reason I bought this was the ease of getting the perfume into the atomiser. The unit is sealed and you just take the pump off the top of your perfume bottle and press it into the valve at the bottom of the atomiser so you don't need any funnels or anything to pour it out

It also has a clear strip on the side so you can see how much you have left

I've been really impressed with this and there was no leaking or spillage at all. The atomiser comes in a case too which is great for protecting it in your luggage. It holds around 65 sprays so you'd have a few sprays per day for a two week vacation and you can always get more than one so you can take different fragrances with you. I definitely want to get a couple more of these at some point. There were nine colours to choose from and they cost £12 each from Amazon. You can check them out here 

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